This application is designed to help Twitch broadcasters that are part of the subscription program maintain subscriber only whitelists for various games. The original intent was to service Minecraft servers however the whitelists could be converted to work with other applications as well.


The application is designed to be self-explanatory but these are some basic instructions on operating the application.


Start by going to your channel's URL (see below), you will be prompted to authorize the application to view your user data (email address) and subscriber lists through the Twitch API. Once authenticated, you will be directed to the broadcaster interface.

The broadcaster interface is composed of two parts: the settings pane and the userlist pane. The settings page has options to enable and disable subscriber submissions for your channel, an option to sync your sublist, and links to the raw whitelists to use in client applications.

The userlist pane contains a list of all users currently active and on the whitelist. There is also an option to add "static" users that will also appear on the whitelist regardless of subscription status. This is useful for adding yourself, moderators, etc.


Start by going to the link provided by the broadcaster and login when prompted. Once logged in, you will see the current username that is whitelisted and a field to add or update it.

Lets Go!

Enter your username (broadcasters) or the channel you would like to be whitelisted for (subscribers) to get started.


Bukkit (Minecraft)

SubWhitelister [Download] [Source] - By Bitjump - Does not support UUIDs